Want to see the greatest Yii Framework application in action? Get Chive!
Chive is a web-based MySQL management frontend built on top of Yii Framework.

What is Chive?

Chive is a free, open source, web-based database management tool, designed to bring joy to web developers - with easy administration, super fast UI and state of the art web technologies.

Chive aims to be an alternative to phpMyAdmin.
  • Rich User interface

    Chive is web-based and takes advantage of the capabilities of modern web browsers. See the screenshots for impressions.
  • Latest technologies

    Based on top of the current version of the Yii framework, Chive takes advantage of the MVC design pattern and unit testing.
  • Security

    Direct database authentication avoids classical security gaps. No root or maintainer password has to be provided.
  • Runs out of the box

    Only minimal configuration has to be done, no database needed. Just download, extract and run as described on the download page.
  • Open Source

    Chive is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. Feel free to use and/or modify it.

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Who is behind Chive?

Chive is maintained by Fusonic. Take a look at our website to check out what we are doing or test-drive our awesome Community Software Ribbl.

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